Nov 19 - Fireworks!
The children used coloured ribbons to create their own fireworks display!
Jan 19  - Garden Fun!
Our new chairs!
Jan 19 - Water Fun!
Imaginary play and understanding the difference between big and small.
Feb 2019 ZooLab
ZooLab visited with lots of different creatures including a rat, snake, Giant African snail, tarantula and a cockroach!
March 2019 Red Nose Day
Having some fun whilst raising money for Comic Relief!
Jan 20  - Chinese New Year
Making Chinese lanterns as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations!
Jan 20 - Chinese Dragon Dance
We learnt about the Chinese New Year and did our very own Dragon Dance.
2019 Creative Team Work
Working together to create patterns!
March 2019 Music
Creating music through the use of various instruments
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'3 is the Magic Number'
Choosing the correct number of digits to match a number.
Oct 19 - Making Magic Potions!
The children made their own magic potions using water, glitter and natural resources.
Oct 19 - Flying on our Broomsticks
The children pretended to be witches, flying on their broomsticks in the garden.
Jan 20 - Imaginary Train Journey!
The children made their own train from crates and seats. We went to various destinations, picking up more passengers on the way!
Panda Club
Crossing the road safely
Having a bbq
Panda Club
Playing in the sandpit
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